Happens everytime I sleep and im so sick of it


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Good day, i just want to ask why everytime I sleep I always having dreams and im in conscious. Some of my dreams is Im flying but suddenly i fall to a barb wire and I do feel the pain also I have this dream that Im facing a monster with fangs chewing my hand and his face is really close to me then I also have this this weird dream that some gravity are pulling my soul out of my body and when i get out to my body i really see my sleeping body lying on the same position i sleep those are the only dreams that i remember I forgot the others. I dont really have a proper sleep because of it and im so sick of this. Im sorry for my grammar im not really good in english thanks in advance.


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For each one of those dreams, what is the first thing you think of? What does barbed wire remind you of? What does the monster with fangs remind you of? Maybe the fangs in particular mean something more to you. What part of your body do you feel your soul come from? Your chest? Your head?


The gravity/soul pulling sounds more like an "out of body experience" than a dream. That can be unpleasant, but usually focussing your thoughts on your body or moving your body (lift a hand, wiggle your toes) should pull you back out of it.

Dreaming while conscious is generally referred to as lucid dreaming. I had some of those, but unlike what people usually tell, I had no control over my dreams, then. I also don't feel physical sensation when lucid dreaming, only emotions.
No clue about the barbed wire. But in case of the monster, have you tried talking to it? Ask why it's doing that and see if it replies.