Hello, new member.....


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Hi all,
Just joined because of a combination of a couple of factors....

First was a series I have just binge watched on tv (I guess some of you will know the one I am on about 😁); and a very strange dream experience last night, coupled with a stranger google experience this morning.

So, firstly I have never been one of those people who seek meanings in dreams. I am not seeking a meaning for this one....

I am an engineer. With an interesting history, but that is for later.

So, I was watching 'The OA' over the last couple of days and found it a bloody amazing series. It was a little bit like an extended X-Files without Scully and Moulder. But I found it enjoyable, and mentally stimulating. And that was it.... No belief that it was trying to pass a message on. But there was one interesting bit where they are discussing a (fictional) account of people in Germany in the 1920s sharing a dream of the coming of the Nazis.

This was a simple plot device, but an effective one. But as an engineer the question then arrives of how could someone accurately find out if such a phenomenon could exist. If you were to post the nature of the dream and say 'has anyone else dreamt this?' it would not be an unbiased experiment as how could I tell if those people who said 'Yes I dreamt that's really had?

That is not to say everyone would deliberately lie, although some may. But because dreams are ephemeral, it could lead people to dream that later, or to incorporate the details into what they think they remember about a past dream.

(Sorry for the long ramble, but hopefully you will enjoy the read)

Last night, I had several dreams, but one stood out because of its strangeness. The main part of the dream was a court case involving a bishop in Rome who was accused of murder. The odd thing was the fact that during the trial he was knitting.

So this morning I tried to google some of the details.
The interesting fact is the way google works.... Every time something is searched, it is registered and the more times it is searched, the higher the suggestion appears on the presented options.
I found no evidence of the actual trial in question, the terms I used in the Google search showed I was not the first to look.

Terms like: knitting clergyman rome, knitting clergyman extentionalism.
And a couple of other that I will keep quiet for now ..... So the question ⁉️ is there other evidence of shared dreams.

I like this example because there is no historical fact that I can find so it could not have been a subliminal memory. That does not exclude the possibility it was a scene from a film or TV show.

I would be very interested in reading your responses to this. Even if those responses are along the lines I am completely insane 🤣