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Last night I dreamt I was removing cobwebs from the walls, put removing them was like peeling wallpaper, not just a case of dusting them off. As I moved round the room I had to move some furniture to get to the last piece.
When the furniture was moved there were two crabs - one bright blue shell with a bright orange bottom half and the other was all black with gold patterns.
I left them as they were and continued to remove the last remaining cobweb. There was a thick black spider behind it with its eggs - the eggs weren’t a standard spider egg, more like pellets. I hoovered up the spider and then focused on the crabs.
I put them in a bucket, the black & gold remained calm and rarely moved. The blue one kept getting out the bucket and moving about, I was speaking to someone in my dream - unknown I never saw their face & I was deciding whether to kill the crabs or take them somewhere that could look after them.
Then a random white rabbit appeared in the room - to be fair I do have a white rabbit which may explain why it also appeared in the dream 🤷🏼‍♂️
I never did kill the crabs



I simply assume that the room you were cleaning up in your dream was "your" room. It doesn't have to resemble anything from your RL, so long as inside the dream you recognise it as your room/house, it represents your self. It is a place you can always come back to, it takes care of your basic needs, and it stores some memories and secrets.
Spider webs build up in unattended areas. You may have neglected (parts of) yourself for a very long time, and now you've started to pay more attention to your personal needs. You reveal parts of yourself that have been shrouded in darkness for quite a while. Maybe you uncover hidden talents or strength, after all the walls are the supports of a room.

How did you feel about the spider?
If you perceived it as a thread, than it may indicate that you removed a thread/danger and its aftermath (eggs) from your RL. Heck, I don't even know what standard spider eggs look like.

White animals are traditionally considered messengers of sorts. What do you think your bunny wanted to tell you? It can be as simple as "Good job!"

No clue about the crabs. Maybe a pun, as the blue one clearly didn't wanna put up with that "crap"?
Maybe they just represent some fancy nuisance you finally got rid of. You didn't kill them, so they might still be lurking somewhere, but they don't bother you any more. They may represent some sort of distraction you used to indulge in, something that attracted (colourful/ornate) you before but eventually lost significance.

All in all you did "clean house" internally, so you may feel a bit lighter, or have more clarity now.

Hope some of it is helpful to you.


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Hi, last night I had a dream of at least two earthquakes. I cannot remember where the first was but the second was in front of a large complex building made of girders. The building itself looked like it was abandoned during construction. Aside from this, I was accompanied by a group of people that I do not recognize now I am awake. The strangest thing about this dream however, is that before the earthquakes, I would hear the sound of wolves howling in the distance and that became a warning sign that an earthquake was coming and that we should get to cover. I am having a lot of trouble trying to understand this dream and would greatly appreciate any insight. Thanks!