Help me please with my dream analysis!


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Hello everyone! I had interesting dream last night that I'm still trying to figure it out...

I tried a ring on my finger. It was silver with two big hearts on it. I think my dad gave it to me to check it out. And then I lost it, it fell from my finger as it was way too big for me. I thought I dropped the ring in a toilet. I start looking for it everywhere, all concerned. I'm not wearing my contacts so can't see well. In the end, my dad finds it lying on the floor, it wasn't even in the toilet!


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I'm no expert, but I'll take a crack at it if you can tell me how you view your relationship with your dad.
The ring may signify a commitment to a relationship. You may feel you have not experienced enough personal growth to make such a commitment, which is why the ring is “too big” for you. You want to stay in the comfortable childhood represented by your relationship with your father.

Perhaps others will have a different interpretation.