Help with this awful nightmare?


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Can anyone help me figure out what this could mean? I have a lot going on in my life with pretty much all aspects. I can get into it if necessary but didnt wanna clog up a long post already, just let me know.


I was in my & my boyfriends house with him and some lady came to the door and i realized it was same person from an old dream i had in which they were a friend of my friend, but in this one she was coming by after a long time and out of no where. She came in talking a bunch, acting weird and manic and since she was pregnant i wrote my number down for her to take because i was concerned and then my boyfriend left for work. She eventually left but before she did she turned to me and said something to me and now i cant remember it but i was like “thats weird???”.
I went upstairs to go sleep, i was getting the vibe she was just casing the place so i wasnt sure if i should leave or not and went to check if she was outside and she was still in her car. As im laying down my vision and my whole body begins to give up like falling thru a rabbit hole it felt like. I can see everything around me in a blur but im missing my limbs even tho i can feel them, they are just invisible and my hands feel heavy and weight so im paralyzed to where i am.
Then i see some sorta zombie ish dog tryna get in my room door but it had a screen door and a regular door so i force myself to grab my phone with my invisible hands and i get up and thru the feeling of everything disappearing around me, i locked the screen and watched it from my room. And i start really tripping out after that.
A huge red and white demon doll girl rams down the hall and they both are ferociously trying to get me. But within a second i hear her just devouring the door and its already broken. I didnt know what to do so i start trying to call my son’s father as i open my window door with just my phone and charger and jump off the roof and run down my street to the main road.
I call my younger sisters and it just rings and rings and rings. And im screaming for someone to help me and nothing. I remember that my boyfriend said to either call him or put my finger up for someone to give me a ride if something ever happens, so i call him and im trying to keep running but the demon dog & doll are still chasing me and everything is just sucking and warping me backwards like a black hole. I woke up before i could get my boyfriend to answer, and everything just feels bad now.
I questioned reality for a minute because that dream was so real at first and was scared of the noises outside.