Hoping to find answers to my latest dream


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About a week ago, I dreamt that I was inside my apartment and it was daytime, probably about noon. I remember being in my bedroom and seeing that the bed was made. A friend, who is a psychic, came over to see me. As I was talking to her in the hallway, I saw my dad pass by us and continued on his way. I remember my psychic friend telling me that my girlfriend was moving somewhere along the west coast (my dream didn't specifically tell me exactly where on the west coast other than just somewhere near or along the west coast). I was devastated at the news. I remember looking back at the bed in my bedroom and the bedding and sheets were stripped from the mattress. I told my psychic friend that I would walk her to her car and we left the apartment.

When I was outside, it was nighttime and I would say around 9:00pm and the next thing I saw was that my psychic friend and her daughter were in a brown minivan. Her daughter was in the driver’s seat and my psychic friend was in the passenger seat. I was standing next to the vehicle on the sidewalk and I remember placing my CPAP machine (a machine that helps me breathe at night when I sleep) in the back seat. As I was doing so, I remember feeling something wet. I looked down on my shirt and the minivan and I saw a reddish / pinkish colored fluid. I don’t know where this liquid came from. At this point in time, a man (possibly Mexican) pulled up in a brown truck and parked behind the minivan. He came up to me and offered to wash the minivan.

When I looked over toward where my psychic friend was sitting to ask her about getting her van washed, but instead of seeing her sitting in the passenger’s seat, she was now sitting in the driver’s seat and her daughter had left the vehicle.

PERSONAL NOTE/THOUGHT: The man that I saw in this dream may possibly be the same man that I saw in my last dream about the dark hallways at a hotel. Also, after pondering about this dream and the previous hotel dream, if this man IS the same man and he is Mexican, then I feel that this man can very well be my girlfriend's deceased father, or at least a representation of her father.

Any thoughts about this dream? I'm curious as to what my CPAP machine can possibly mean in this dream since I can't find any interpretations or meanings regarding to this one thing.


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I would think about these things, to come closer to any answers:
- when do you otherwise pack your CPAP machine with you?
- what does the CPAP symbolise for you? Or symbolise if you are without it?
- anything else that you can think of, as you think on above question? Any more question that can help?