I had a dream about a girl which I liked.


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Hello! I just wanna share my dream: I had a dream with a girl I liked when I was at another high school now I moved from there since a year ago, the dream was like me, her and other classmates from the other school doing an activity(don't remember what), me and her we're having a great time chatting and I don't remember the rest of the dream, I just know it was a really good dream. Now back to real life I used to talk sometimes with that girl, sometimes we met before school, sometimes we would walk back home together, she said to me she likes hugs and would like me to hug her, so I did it and it felt good(it was the first time I hugged a girl and never hugged other girl since then), other time she was waiting for her sister to come from an event or something and she needed to wait like an hour so she texted me if I can stay with her, so I did go and stayed with her.(this was also the first time I hang out with a girl, and as well never did with other girl since). I did not know if she liked me or not so I was afraid to ask her if she likes me. Now from time to time I still sometimes think about her, since I moved from that high school we did not talk anymore. I am the type of guy who is more introverted(right now I have no friends), but I guess it's kinda nice to have a conversation with someone from time to time. So this is my dream, sorry if I made some mistakes, English is not my primary language. What do you think about it ?Does it have any signification? Thank you so much. I wish everyone a great day/night!