I had a dream about an old friend I haven’t spoken to in a few years.


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I’ll start off with this, my first year of middle school. I was a 6th grader. I’m generally one of those shy quiet people but once I warm up to someone, I’m a loud outgoing person towards them. Anyways, back to the topic. I made a friend that year who would stick with me all the way the end (of that year anyways). She was always the odd one, not a lot of people liked her for whatever reason. Maybe it was because she had an attitude towards them. On the last day of school, we kinda stop talking to each other because she did something kinda gross so my reaction was to be disgusted and distance myself from her. The following years after I never saw her again. I began to wonder what had happened to her and if she was alright. Back to the present, just last night I had a dream about her. For whatever reason, I had found her address and snuck into her home. (In the dream) It was out in the woods and it was snowing. She decided that it was okay for me to stay the night with her and my dog was just there. There’s a part in the dream where she says, “I’m gonna kill their family to make them care about me more..” to which I responded with, “who?” and she didn’t respond. She also said she was going to sacrifice her own family? Idk anyways.. I had let my dog outside and he runs into the woods and is not coming back when I call for him. Me and that friend decide to go after him. We’re both suddenly sinking in water, we’re both facing each other (and we’re both naked?) :? I’m below her while she’s above me reaching her hand out for me but we’re both just sinking. I was able to breathe just fine. I hit the bottom first and she followed. She embraced me for a brief moment and suddenly we were back in her house. My dog had came back and she wanted me to go home. I agreed at first but my phone was almost dead and I didn’t have a leash for my dog. Her mom ended up giving me a leash and I had asked her to let me stay just one more night while I was worrying about what my would say since I didn’t tell her I was staying at a friends house. Before I could hear her response, I woke up.