I hate my life

Its complicated.. but I have a zillion problems with my parents.

1. I'm not allowed to be in the doctor's office on my own without a parenting being in there despite me now being a 30 year old women. This caused problems when Dad had to take me from 2013-2017 to my specialists' appointments.

2. I want to date but my parents escpailly Mom doesn't understand why I want to deal with as she put it the 'heartbreak' of dating. I been really wanting to date since 2015. I want to FIND myself and now Mom's retiring I wouldn't be able to make plans of any kind with the "other gender" because I know Mom will want to tag along. If Covid19 hadn't happen Mom and I would have both gone to (Mall) on March 20th for March Break. I had wanted to go originally a week or two before then but Mom wore me down and we were suppose to go to Mall on March 20th instead.

3. I kind of want to have children of my own because I want to give my parents human grandchildren not just doggy grandchildren (like my sister did).. but my parents don't think I will be good fit as a parent. But they can't really talk can they do to how they gave in to me when I was a child. My sister was more of a disciplinary then our parents were. I think the other reason I want to have a child or at least a dog, is to have something to take care OF instead of being taken care Of.. Sure we had dog from October 2014-August 13, 2019, but it wasn't MY dog... it was my sister's dog, but was more Mom's dog then sister's dog because Mom did most of the work when the dog was young. Who was it who volunteered to stay home from my program when Dad went hunting and incause Mom was at work to dog-sit?


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Everyone deserves to be happy. You never know who you are until you see what you are capable of doing. Everyone should be free to reach their full potential. Maybe you can find a way to show who you are by proving to them that you are perfect for having a boyfriend and a husband and children.