I've astro-traveled here so many times and I'm so desperate to return


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This place leaves me with such eagerness and determination to find out exactly where this place is! It feels so real that I have been searching all over Google Maps to see if this place exists in real life. It's a place with many hotels and resorts where many tourists go to. It almost reminds me of Vegas or Miami.

I've been here so many times, even as a kid. When I was a kid, my soul would be wise and I would keep to myself. I found the elevators to many hotels and would travel to different floors to see what cool things I could find. Some hotels had private rooms that no tourists knew of. One floor I liked, was like it was a rotating bar. Very dark and low-key with dark blue lights as accents. Another floor was full of suites that were designed like Spanish villas that I had snuck into. I always loved looking out the windows and viewing all the life below. There was this one building, that was actually called the Marriott (from what I remember), where they had a top floor (46th or 64th floor) where you were so high up that you almost could touch the clouds.

You walk out from the elevators into this room full of glass windows, where you can see out. You have to walk downstairs about half a floor to be able to go outside in the garden area. This area was massive. So much that there were restaurants off to the left, and a mini golf course to the right. I was so fascinated because it seems to quiet, full of greenery, and extremely secluded. This was my favorite place out of all of them and I was determined to show my close friends and family this place.

Fast forward years and years, and I just recently returned, but with my old friends. We we're actually tourists staying at a janky hotel that had gold mid-century modern feel to it. Everything was run down, though.
Some friends were recognizable, some weren't. I was so dumb, because I remember taking substances (I think LSD) and drinking during my stay there. One "day" my friend and I were under the influence of something other than alcohol and couldn't figure out how to get to the lobby to grab our DoorDash order. I was so preoccupied about the damn DoorDash order. Anyways, after finally getting down to the lobby, I was doing my best to avoid tourists. I had so much anxiety and kept using the elevator to try to get back up to my floor but couldn't figure out if I was using the right elevator.

Fast forward to the next day and we were all drunk and hotel-hopping, going to many different stores and restaurants. I suddenly remember about the Marriot's top floor. I tell my friends that we absolutely need to go there now so we drop everything and get to the Marriott. My drunk ass completely forgot how to get to the (very) specific and secretive elevators that are hidden in plain sight. I forgot to mention that those elevators were for the exclusive. You needed to get past this guy dressed in black who was verifying your access.
Anyways, this is where I went wrong.
I asked these older tourists (who had looked like they just checked out and was waiting for a taxi) if they knew how to get to the 46th (or 64th) floor. I was so eager with my question, and the older couple didn't have an answer for me. But as soon as I was waiting for an answer, bell hops appeared. One was dressed in normal bell hop attire with typical green color with gold accents, the other dressed in the same bell hop clothing but in complete black. I could only see his eyes. The bell hops stopped and the one dressed in all black charged at me and I woke up.
The first thing I thought to myself when I woke up is "that MF just killed me! What an a** hole!"

From then on I've been so desperate to go back. It's a place I hadn't gone in such a long time, but I had been to several times. I have so many memories here, so much that, as I stated, I've been trying to find a place like this on Google Maps. I can't believe how vivid this place is to me. From all the interactions I've had with tourists to exploring around the different hotels. It's just so mind boggling.

Idk what the point of this post is other than the fact that I just needed to share and see if any other person has been here? I know it's a stretch but you never know.

Also, what's the deal with the guys dressed in all black?? They're a threat to me. That's how I feel when I visit, at least. I always felt as a kid that I could never be caught by them or else I'd suffer the consequences.