Judging Dreams as Positive or Negative

We might want to be careful in judging of dreams as positive or negative. This is a judgment that comes from the ego. The dream comes from the unconscious, a vast repository of wisdom, archetypes, and history. Dreams always come, I believe, in our best interests. We may feel a twinge or two when they tell us things about ourselves that we didn't know, or resist knowing. Transformation comes from the dark and the light. Even what we call nightmares come to wake us up to something.


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You're right, at the end of the day dreams emerge from the depths of our unconscious, tapping into a vast reservoir of wisdom, symbols, and experiences, it is all shaped to be for us to experience which in turn can change the fact if it's positive or negative because we experienced some of the things we are meant to dream about.
I can say that I just look at the general meaning of the dream and move on and don't really think of "was it a good dream was it a bad dream?" I just think to myself that was a dream and it meant XYZ or it was weird
Sometimes the, "weirdest," dreams are there to get out attention and hold gold as well. I sense that you are someone who can, "live into," your dreams. And that is the best way of all, isn't it?