Lifeless wilderness hike

We're at this outdoor area with a short mountain, trail climb but no trees and we went out there not because we truly wanted but we were together for different reasons. It was me and like 6 other guys and we were all young like around 25 or 30. I dont know any of these guys and none of them resemble real friends I previously had, they were there because they got something out of it beyond their normal pay but I didnt have a choice for some reason and it quickly became realized that we did not get along. Me, because I was being exploited and had no choice and none of them were being the least respectful. Them, because I wasn't the easy passivist they thought I'd be and didn't take their ****. Either way we needed to get out of there now whether we liked each other or not and I showed them the way regretfully because we started pushing at eachother and were probably going to fight and I would rather just leave them to die as ****ty as they were being. This was like a desolate rocky hill, almost another planet the hill was about 30 meters tall, reminding me of mountain hikes through a timber farm but half to a third as tall and of course completely dead of trees or life. We started to despise each other and it wasnt only me vs them it was them vs them too so all I was concerned with was ending this trip as soon as possible but every time there was any **** towards me I automatically retaliated without hesitation because there was no patience left in me and I couldnt take anymore any longer, theres so much a person has their limits and they took me way beyond mine. I don't know why we were there or what objective we were fulfilling and where it was but that wasnt the point, Im guessing it was about getting along with people. We weren't wearing space suits but it didn't seem like earth either. There was this real sense that I was expected to be a pushover to be exploited but I don't know how that works in a desolate landscape on a hike I think it was more a mirror of my reality in some way.

I forgot some things while writing this and almost didnt get motivated at all after waking up because its difficult to remember that I also need to write these down. So, that loss of time is loss of detail.