Light Bringer


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I dreamt I was at the end of my childhood street out in the woods. I didn't have anywhere to go, so I opted to nestling in the leaves with a blanket and a lantern and slept among the animals that also slept beside me. I heard a voice, and saw my brother came to find me. Not the bring me back home, but hang out with me in the woods.

A sudden shift- and an unnatural darkness, smoke, and flames erupted at the far end of the woods. I got up and ran to the opposite end of the woods and reached the ocean. The geography changed, we were now on an island. And the perspective of the dream became massive, from the sky, looking down upon myself and the island and the growing evil that occupied the other side, making it's way towards us.

I ran more, passing villages, towns, cities. I somehow island hopped, now trying to get away from the evil on a larger scale. But at some point I stopped. I gave up, and turned to face the fire/smoke. And found within my self, felt it in my Solar Plexus, a great force of magic that I tried my hardest to harness. I reached my arms out, and targeted the now enormous, world enveloping evil and omitted a light within it that began to drown it out. Began to kill this fire and darkness entity.

When I thought I had officially rid of it, now able to fly as well, I went to another island. I was now deemed a hero among other continents. And I tried to build myself a watch tower in the middle of the ocean, where I could live in peace but also keep watching over everything.

But everytime I kept constructing the tower the evil came back and I would fight it again. Sometimes easy battles, sometimes tougher. I was getting tired. I found a crossbow and was able to channel my magic into arrows that made it easier to harness and direct my power to fight.

But still the evil kept coming, and I persisted in fighting it off every time.