Little green aliens

In a dream from early this morning, it is a stormy, windy night. Outside, I see luminous green creatures, shaped like flat Twinkies, about six or seven inches long, emerge from the soil. A boy is running through the area, and I believe he discovers the creatures.

The next day, I see a photograph of the creatures on the ground, evidence that someone has discovered the phenomenon. I watch newspeople on TV and believe they have been taken over by the green aliens. Perhaps the spread started with the boy.

I am then at a kitchen table, looking through a newspaper that contains stories I would expect. I wonder why the aliens who now control the media are still focused on human events.

I look at my attractive (dream) wife, who is standing at the kitchen counter, facing me. I ask, “If the aliens have taken over, why am I still human?” She gives me a knowing look and I realize she is now an alien. She asks, “Why don’t humans lay eggs?”