Loud wallpaper

In a dream from early this morning, an attractive blond has invited me to her house to have sex, but I am not aroused. There is a party on the first floor. I wonder if I will hear that noise in her bedroom. I go up the stairs and find her in a room that appears to be a bedroom converted into a small concert site. I sit next to the blonde, who is seated on a terraced, carpeted floor. She is being serenaded by a male country western singer on a small stage. He might have a guitar.

I notice the walls and ceiling are covered with a sepia-toned wallpaper depicting poster-size images of scenes from action films, including a couple of biker movies. The blonde says she likes the wallpaper and plans to include it in a room she is remodeling. I think the wallpaper is loud and tacky. She says she could reduce the volume.

I am at a loss to explain any of this.