Most real feeling dream and i remember it all


I had a dream i was with hawkins he and i were just around the place and i saw a movie or music video he made and i saw all these friends i have not see in a super long time in the movie or video and hawkins and i were at a bar . Not drinking just there shooting the **** and kurta and hawkins were on one bench and i was on the one across we kept seeing people we knew and i kept talking about how amazing the movie or video was and they were remembering the movie and no one has seen it in so long and it was so **** and we were all a laughing about funny things that happed in the movie . It was a movie i remember now . Then the movie was being play on one of the screens of the bar while normal bar music was happening we were all handing out having stories and laughs desko and i were cracking up about his parts in it . And i look tell him hawkins theresa and kurta are here i told him i had been hanging out with hawkins the last couple of days and they are in the booth with me right behind where we are standing . Derek said oh man thats so cool i wanna see them . He said but the door is locked i said there shouldn’t even be a door i opened it up and its to my right of the booth hawkins and kurta and other side was theresa and shes a bit pale and sweaty and weeping i said Theresa what what wrong and theresa turned toward me . Theresa was holding a slicked up baby in her arms and did not say anything . Seeing the baby i knew . Derek yelled hell theresa thats great congregations. I pushed Derek away and said no just this is not ok . Hawkins and kurta were still just sitting there like everything was cool and ok . I said guys this is not ok we are at a bar and theresa just had a baby . Theresa handed me the baby and started to slump over in the booth smiling a little and i grabbed theresa trying to pick her . While holding this flailing new baby . I even felt the warmth and wetness of this tiny newborn baby in my arms i started to yell at hawkins and kurta and derek to help me theresa needs to get to the hospital shes going to bleed out . I yelled who cut the umbilical cord and with what . Hawkins and kurta said i dont know i started to see theresa start to fade as she is smiling at this baby i yelled someone help he get theresa i was tryingbto get theresa up so i can position her to pick her up and i couldent get her moved up so i can pick her up and everyone was just going about there way . I yelled at hawkins and kurta help her guys . Im calling 911 they are both going to die i ran to the front of the bar to call 911 it was that bar in pa where i got the call that heather had a miscarriage now that i am thinking about it . Cuz i know the layout in my head i got up there and i am trying to get to the phone at the entrance to calland i had such a hard time getting through people that were blown away i was holding a new born baby . Then that girl larry hubbard was dating who was at that show in real life was there i tried to get her help to hold this baby so i could call 911 after yelling at her a couple time to take this baby so i can call she did hold the baby and she was doing a awful unsafe job doing it i frantically called 911 and they didn’t understand what i was telling then saying your at a bar how can someone have a baby i hung up to grab the baby because she was not supporting the kids neck and i called 911 again holding the baby . The baby started to cry loud mixing in with all the bar noise and i am trying to tell 911 theresa is about to die and this baby needs to be at the hospital it was just born or its going to die . Then my dream switch to me knowing theresa died . I was walking around a school with red lockers around a large circular hallway route . I was historically crying because theresa died and i was not able to save her . It was me unable to stand at times because i just couldn’t historically stop crying about theresa being gone at this point i knew i was dreaming and i wish i could just wake up from this dream . This went on for days . There was alot of in between crying in different places every day that all i could do is cry i kept asking myself this is a awful dream why cant i just wake up or stop crying it kept just going on . Then a guy is there for me who i knew but i dont know who that person actually is . But in my dream i know who he was . Tall long brown hair . Kinda like Jesus brown khaki in pants and a blue button up shirt . Long beard long brown hair thats about the most i remember . We went to a outdoor market with restaurant which made me think were in like Thailand we were at the outside long table . He was eating and i was just sitting there in sorrow and weeping from time to time this group kf people who were sharing the table with me began to complain amongst themselves. One guy with a straw hat like raiden from mortal combat Says why can you stop crying like a little baby . Your filthy and covered in **** it is all over your hands . I said Theresa’s gone and started to cry again he yelled get out of here before i beat your ass you ****ing pussy . I jumped up and attacked the guy rolling all over the grass around the place crying and swinging and the guys friends were ganging up on me beating me from behind and me and this guy are fighting as i am still crying the guy with the beard and long brown hair gets up and the fight just started to slow down . Guys were not hitting me from behind . The guy i was not fighting slowed down fighting and we stopped fighting . I laid there in the dirt historically crying Telling the man theresa is gone she died in my arms . I tried to call 911 snd save her but she was already gone . Why did no one hell me save her . The man put his hand on my head and said its ok . I woke from this dream just balling my eyes out feeling the sorrow loss of losing Theresa still

. Contex. Theresa is my life long best friend . Hawkins is a old life long friend who i parted ways with years ago due to his drug use ( he was also theresas x husband who they have a child with . Kurta is along time friend . Everyone else is just regular friends . What are your thoughts on this dream . I dont dream often and i never remember much from them . I have never known i was dreaming while in a dream and never wanted to wake from a dream knowing i am dreaming