My dreams have become chaotic and makes no sense anymore


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Some short background. I have done a diary/journal thing for ten years. Writing down my thoughts and what goes on through the days help me to open the unconscious and make me aware of the deeper aspect of my mind and even the collective mind it seems. I at least am a believer in Jung and his ideas. I also write down what I dream about. Sometimes what I write down triggers dreams as well. And back and forth this used to result in very interesting insights for many years.

But about two yeas ago, some time into Covid something changed.

My dreams became more and more of a mess. The settings, scenes, people in them and the symbolism is just indecipherable most of the time. Like they have lost the “language” they used to have.

Examples are the one I had tonight. I was at the town square of my hometown. Or an altered version of it. There was a strange and violent lightning and thunder display on the sky giving of red flashes of light. And after that there was some military fire drill. From two positions and the line of fire crossed each other making a X above us. There where other people there but I can’t recall who. There is nothing here I can make anything useful out iof.

Another example is dreaming about my grandfathers house that my greedy family sold out three years ago. A horrible experience for me. So I understand why some dreams take place there. But the people who show up there make no sense.

The rest is just junk.

All year I have had one dream that made some sense. And that was a precognitive one or a synchronicity depending upon what definition one uses.

I don’t feel I can read my inner life anymore. Anyone who can relate to it?
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Interpretation of some major symbols

I was at the town square of my hometown: entrance into your essence of being (=your inner core)

There was violent lightning and thunder in the sky giving of red flashes of light: an epiphany awaits you there

After that there was some military fire drill: it pertains to preparations for conflicts of one type or another

The line of fire crossed each other making a X above us: in Roman times, the chi symbol (=X) was an abbreviation of Chronos (=Saturunus/Mithras) who was considered a Sun god and said to have come to establish peace and order. Interestingly, the “X” and “+” are used by Ukrainian forces to mark their vehicles, in contrast to the “Z” by Ru forces.