My weirdest dream


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In my dream, A sexy liquid metal man had sex with me. His name is Busta. He and I were lovemaking. I had my pajamas on but his entire body was silver except his face. Busta would hold me while kissing me on my neck. When he morphed into a liquid, Busta would kiss me on my stomach. I really loved him and the sex. The dream ended when he told me that he love me, tickled and hugged me, gave me a kiss on the forehead, cheek, neck and lips when he was a watery figure of himself, and he morph into a silver liquid and left. This is what he looks like.


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Any male in your dream will represent a thought or idea you have. Here the idea seems to pertain to the issue of sex. The liquid metal can suggest the idea you have can be one that could "test your mettle", that is, test what you are really made of. The liquid metal implies the idea you have pertaining to sex has only a psychological reality - not a physical one (as it is not a solid). As the man is named, it indicates an idea that is very important to the True Self.

The man in this scene can also represent "a man" with whom to have an intimate loving relationship. (we were lovemaking) The name Busta might relate to Busta Rhymes, an American rapper.[Are you possibly thinking about the idea of rapping?] This association with a celebrity can suggest that "the man" you have in mind could be someone you only know of. Wearing pyjamas indicates that your behaviour is very innocent but also ignorant (as children wear pyjamas) where it pertains to having an intimate relationship with someone who is physically not in your life. The silver colour of the man indicates that your idea of a man to make love with is one of Satan's quality (Gold = God) one which puts you at risk. (kiss on the neck) Morphing into a liquid emphasizes a change in the emotional nature of the man. The sex can now be seen as reflecting very worldly - as opposed to spiritual thinking. (kisses to 4 parts of your body) When we add in a kiss on the stomach, it implies this lovemaking needs to be changed (#5). At this point you need to stop this dream or fantasy. (the dream ended)

[The problem here is that when you use the identity of someone real (as is suggested by Busta), you are abusing their self identity on a psychological-spiritual level. and this can backfire. (hence the risk factor) You may find yourself pursued by someone you have no desire to be intimate with - perhaps some weirdo.]