Mysterious colleague


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I dreamt of this dream months ago, but to this day I remember everything that happened in it. Some parts are unexplained even to me but I will try to explain them as best as I can. The memory of the dream starts with me walking on a sidewalk with my colleague. The job was nothing related to my irl job, but I can not tell you what it was either. There is a memory of me avoiding my parents and knowing I can't go back home after my shift was done, which was past 9 pm already. It was a dark night outside and the surroundings were simple but weird. It was those types of long straight roads with nothing but plain fields on both sides of it with some occasional appartment buildings near the edge of the road. So as I was saying I had no place to stay at so my colleague offered I stay at his place for the night. The thing about this guy is in that dream I remember him being cold and stern of a person, but I also knew he was not just that. As for his looks he was wearing a plain black shirt, dark blue jeans and had dark black shorter hair. When we eventually came to his apparment building we walked the stairs to his place. I can also remember exactly how the appartment looked like, which creepes me out in a way. POV this: You enter through the door and there is a recangle-shaped hallway, spread out to the sides not forward. On the right side there were doors in the corner that led to a guest room. next to them were another doors that led to the bathroom and the toilet. Facing now straight forward another 2 doors were next to each other. The ones more on left suddenly opened as we walked inside and a small girl with long brown hair dressed in her pyjamas came out and ran to my colleague. I will continue explaining the interrior and then get back to the little girl part. The doors more on the right were closed, and I don't know what was inside, but I'm assuming maybe living room or kitchen. Finally when we look to our left there is only one door built in more to the left side that led to my colleagues room with a bench-like area where you could sit down, put shoes under and hang your coat on the hangers above. It kind of stuck out to me, so I wanted to mention it as well. No we go back to the little girl part. She came outside of her room and hugged my colleague as he picked her up. I was little confused, which he could see as well, so he explained a sad story to me. That girl was his little sister and he had to take care of her ever since he was a teenager. No idea what happened to their parents, he just told me that CPS took his sister away since he wasn't able to financialy take care of her. Only recently he was able to become her legal guardian and take her to live with him, which also clicked with me why he wassuch hardworking of a person. I found it incredibely cute and sweet but also really sad as well. What may be worth mentioning is I do not know their names nor do they resemble anyone I know in real life, I can't also remember their faces properly. Once he led her down she walked up to me with a smile on her face and we talked for a few minutes while her brother went to do something. He then came back and told me that he prepared the guest room for me to sleep in. I was not really tired but I went inside anyways, changed into clothes he gave me and laid down while watching TV that was also there. I couldn't sleep so I quietly got up and left my room. I don't know why but my first instinct was to go to my colleagues room. So I did just that and walked up to his door. Then I quietly went inside and saw that he wasnt sleeping either. He just looked at me not saying anything. So I just laid down next to him and then he asked if I can't sleep either. After that it becomes blurry of what we talked about, I just know I felt really comfortable and happy talking to him. We even started cuddling during out talking session and before we knew it we fell asleep. The last thing I remember is waking up to the sunlight peaking through the window seeing him still sleeping hugging me from the side. After a few minutes he woke up as well and that's where the dream ended. Just abruptly ended so when I woke up it felt as if I was stabbed into my back. All of felt incredibly real and realizing it was just a dream almost made me cry. I never felt this comfortable and happy with someone and when that realization hit that it was not real made me really depressed. For the rest of the day I was feeling sad and was just in a bad mood hoping I will forget about it soon. But no, to this day I remember it as if it really happened to me and I experienced it all.

I don't know if this changes anything but I'm also a guy and I am attracted to guys, if it does have any impact on the situation.

Sorry for the long paragraph, but this is one of very few dreams I can actually make out more than 50% of and it's always in the back of my mind. I would love hearing your feelings and oppinions on this dream since I have no idea what it could possibly mean.