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Hello everyone, I’ve always been curious about the dreams I have. I don’t really look into them in search of meaning, instead I’ve shared my dreams with others to see if they dream the same as me. But I’ve found it difficult getting a straight answer.

So the idea just crossed my mind to share some of my dreams here. I had already typed these out and shared them on my Facebook page so, I’ll be copying and pasting them over. Thanks.


I had an Interesting dream last night. I was at work, heading out to take a 15 min smoke break. I invited a coworker to come with me but he said he didn’t smoke. I hopped in my car to drive around the block and listen to music. As I was driving around the block I notice my coworker on the side of the building smoking. I think to myself “that jerk said he didn’t smoke.” I honk slightly and make a quick little jerk with my car in his direction too let him know I see him. I didn’t notice the police car behind me and he pulls me over. The officer is really friendly. Gets in my car and we chat it up. Everything is going well and then I realize I’m dreaming. The officer is telling about his day but the realization makes me loose focus and I don’t hear what he’s saying. I interrupt and nervously ask him
“do you know this is a dream?”
He sits quietly for a second. I’m convinced he’s beginning to think I’m crazy. But instead he reply’s with
“I’m dreaming?”
I say “No, this is my dream.”
He says “what happens to me when you wake up?”

I don’t know how to tell him that he doesn’t exist and as I search for the words I wake up.