No one would help dial 911


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Okay this dream is weird and kinda of graphic also it is about a person I just met and flirted with at a bar last night but legit only encounter weve ever had. There are many details in the dream but the 2 things that disturb me the most is the girl falls and hits her head really hard and despite that no one will call 911 although im begging people to I even steal someones phone but everytime I dial 911 it doesnt work and shes laying there bleeding eventually her scalp falls off showing her whole brain.. ive never had a dream like this especially about someone I just met please help what could this mean. If you need more detail lmk bc how she falls is weird to this dream was very vivid. Thats also why im on a forum like this trying to figure it out.


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Thank you for responding but no the full dream is very long so I just put the part that disturbed me. But the dream starts out in my apt and the roof is leaking so I patch it up but then the window starts leaking so I patch that but it doesnt work all the way but I cant stop to fix it bc I have to attend this show that my friends are in and the crack is tiny so I just leave it and all of a sudden im in the auditorium with my friends and its a community center style gym with a small stage my friends are there also the girl I met the other night we actually share a mutual friend. Well there are just folding chairs to watch the show and it is packed I want to go sit next to her but idk if she likes me so I sit next to one of my friends and she actually comes and sits in my lap to which I ask if she wants a drink of water and get up to go get some water from the refreshments that are out when I turn around this guy had approched her who is joking and laughing with her but I get the feeling she knows him but is not really friends he like starts to poke her sides like hes tickling her but shes like stop and really smacking his hands away so I start walking over there like you can tell hes just trying to be hands on with her as im walking he starts to pick her up and shes like no no put me down stop and struggling they are both grown so shes kicking and stuff but not to much bc this guy is like 65 and she doesnt want to fall well he isnt as strong as he thinks and she starts to slip I run over there to try to catch her saying put her down but she falls over his shoulder anyway and I catch her a little but her head still cracks the pavement and immediately starts to bleed but she doesnt die. I start punching and kicking the guy and saying wtf did you do whats wrong with you. But quickly drop down to my knees and tell her hey stay awake and touch her cheek I scream to the people around us call 911 someone call 911 everyone is just staring so I pull my phone out but I have lines in my phone (irl to I dropped my phone from scaffolding at work irl it doesnt hinder the phone tho bc its just a pink and green line not a crack) and for some reason I cant call 911 so Im begging people as they pass by bc the show is still happening and I realize my other friends left bc the did all the work but were not allowed to participate in the show their turn kept coming but they kept getting ignored so they left. Shes bleeding in my arms and I try to hold her in my arms im asking people please call 911 one girl stops and I ask can you call 911 she says she doesnt have a phone so i get up and grab her hand and take her phone it is shattered all on the screen and she says it doesnt work im sorry so i let her go and im asking people please please help her call 911 i pull out my phone again but it doesnt work I try the community phone but its just a white and blue light up toy phone still I try it anyway bc i think why would it be here if it didnt work I dial 911 a bunch of times before I realize that even tho it is indeed ringing and connecting somewhere its still a toy so I go back to check on her and this time when I left her up some of her scalp stays stuck to the concrete bc of the caked blood and so I quickly put her down I am getting hysterical at this point please someone anyone call 911 and im crying noone helps everyone ignores me. When I go back to check on her to make sure she is awake her scalp on the top of her head had come off showing her brain and for some reason I try to cover it with my hand. Shes still alive so I get up and grab one of the folding chairs and start attacking people hitting them hard they start screaming and bleeding and it really hurts everytime I hit them but I keeo going swinging like a maniac. I bet youll call 911 now huh smack and im smacking everyone women little old ladies men and then I see the guy who did it he had sat back down in the crowd and I start hitting him with the chair the chair bends one of my nails is bleeding but I keep hitting him in his back his arms trying to reach his head bc he is protecting his head finally I hit him so hard in the head I break my wrist. I feel it but I keep swinging this time in a circle to hit anyone else around me im bleeding from my face and hands ig I hit myself alot trying to hit them and I run over to her she had rolled herself on her side her brain is exposed and shes facing a mirror and I kneel next to her knowing she might be dead or might die but really sad bc in the dream like I love her very powerfully. (The emotion is a stronger love than ive ever even felt irl like ive been in love but not like that) so okay thats the dream sorry its so long and that I suck at punctuation.
To see a leak in your dream symbolizes loss, disappointments, frustrations and distress.
You are wasting your energy on fruitless endeavors.
Alternatively, the dream indicates some repressed feelings emerging from your subconscious or from your past.
Metaphorically, the dream may suggest that some secret information has "leaked" out.

the woman, do you actually know her?

The appearance of this number in your dream, symbolizes an emergency.
You need not be afraid to ask for help.
There is an important lesson to be learned from in your dream.
To dream that you call 911 and no one answers or that you are put on hold suggests that you are being taken for granted by some authority figure in your life.
Alternatively, the dream is like a wake up call where something you didn't think was important or urgent actually requires your immediate attention.

Themes taken from the dream moods website.