of challenging and being punished


Lately I have dreams of challenging or speaking up against people higher up in the hierarchy. I don't remember much when I wake up, so I have only fragments to share.

Dream 1
I was newly assigned to a certain workplace in a community I did not originally belong to. My supervisor showed me around, explaining the machinery and silos they were using for the work. There was a variety of such workplaces (factories of sorts but mostly open air, so no stuffy, noisy halls) each of which created different products.
The issue was the community leader who constantly messed with the productions, and blaming the workers for his mistakes when thing took a turn for the worse, which they did regularly. My supervisor complained about him a lot and I overheard other workers from other workplaces complaining about how he made their lives miserable.
In regular intervals there was an evaluation event held where the leader would evaluate everyone's work performance and in return the workers were supposed to evaluate him. Several long rows of white tables are lined up, like in a uni lecture hall but without the tiers. People are sitting behind the tables like intimidated students, while the leader stands in front of them like a lecturer or the like. No one dares speak up and point out his shortcomings. I haven't been there for long, so I don't know what will happen if they do speak up. I stand up and start my fairly objective and unemotional critique. My supervisor who sits next to me warns me to stop, but I go on being like "Then, let's make it worthwhile". The leader is not pleased and takes the critique like a personal insult and flares up. In my impression he is not at the very top of the food chain, but the son of the ruler who always watches these evaluation events.
For my "outrageous" behaviour I'm potentially punished later on, but my dream ends before it comes to that.

Dream 2
I'm with a bunch of people, none of which I know in RL. We are on a hiking trip of sorts, but the area is spiced up with giant, flying insect props (like those ghost trains in amusement parks, but without the scare factor). One woman constantly tells me to talk to another girl and have her do things mostly using an opportunity to talk to/meet her crush as a reward. The girl figured that her crush is not even interested in her, so she is reluctant to oblige.
In one scene I address a guy who's much higher up in the hierarchy and criticise his behaviour or something. He being like "Y'know, I could punish you for that that!" and me being like "So what?". As a result he personally flogs me with a stick, but I don't even flinch. Seeing that this is useless he has me sit on a bed while someone is implanting tentacles into my arms. three rows of fairly long vines, they either move by themselves or at my will, wrap themselves around my left forearm and form broad woven bangles their. The one row of vines attached to my right arm is either longer or thicker, so it already covers my entire forearm and there's no space left for the rest of the tentacles. I don't think this is part of the punishment. It's more like I've become their guinea pig now, and I don't even bother. I find this rather fascinating, actually.

Wonder what that means.
Any suggestions are welcome as usual. :D