Old man and time machine.


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Due to health problems I've had very bad sleep for ages and hardly ever remember my dreams. But last night I finally got a good night's sleep and had the first vivid dream in ages. Anyone got an interpretation?

An old man had created a machine, some type of time machine. It was in the attic of a house but fell down out of the attic through the lower floors of the house and all the inhabitants of the house fell into it and got trapped inside and it turned on. In the next scene the old man is waking up inside the machine, which appears to be speeding through a red tunnel or wormhole. A scary cartoon shark appears in front of him - not on a screen, but it appeared to be some kind of programmed thing, like a cartoon Alexa-type thing that appears and gives information to the time machine's occupants - and yells in an angry, scary voice "Dennis! You are now 1400 years in the future!"

It was scary and claustrophobic inside the machine and I wondered what the point of being woken up like this was if he hadn't reached his destination yet. I wondered how would he get out?

The machine appeared to work by putting the inhabitants to sleep and then being inside this wormhole as time passes, and then waking them up later in a new century/millennium.

In a previous scene of the dream, some men had memorabilia of a time they met the Beatles, but the Beatles had all been old, even John.