One more dream to share from June 2021


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This is going to be a Weird 🤪 post. But I’ve always been curious if other people have strange dreams like me?

This was my dream from last night. It’s long I know 😝

“Strain Dream”

Everyone’s mad
At the park with Edgar, mom, dad, the family
Edgar keeps messing with me. I keep getting mad.

Mom and dad don’t care. Lots of people there. Everyone is mean and bland.
Mom tells Edgar to calm down. He lays on his back, turns his feet toward me and starts kicking my side like a kid. I yell at him to stop and move further away on the grass. We’re by a curb and there’s a large truck like an ice cream truck with no stickers behind us. He walks around the ice cream truck and peaks out at me from the other end. I’m bigger than him. When he jumps out I grab him and pick I’m up. I carry him to the edge of the park and tie him up. No one cares.

I rejoin the group. There’s more people there now. Some girls are naked, it’s normal. Some guys are ok with it, some are inappropriate with them. We’re at a family park. There are kids there. We try to convince the persistent guys that this isn’t the place for that.

I walk to a nearby restaurant. There are dogs there. I’m scared of them. I decide to take the patio entrance to avoid the dogs playing out front. There are more dogs in the patio area. A German Shepard sits with a small white dog at a booth. A pit bull playfully chases a small brown dog through the aisles.

They’re coming my way!

I jump on to the center dividing wall between the Booths. The small white dog growls at me. I jump down and leave.

A friend is outside. I tell him about the dogs in the patio. We over look the scenery from the balcony. Both of us stand quietly. I can’t tell if the scenery is the ocean or a Forrest. We leave to his family’s place.

There’s a bbq. Elon Musk is there. He is cousins with my friend. Everyone is calm, no one makes a big deal as they all grew up with him. I get excited but do my best to not show it. I decided to not approach him and let things be. We are all eating at the table watching the game. Elon sits next to me. I want to tell him I’m a fan but decide not too. Everyone starts to debate the players performance. Everyone is roasting each other’s opinions. There is a lot of trash talk but the mood is light and enjoyable. I give my opinion, Elon, still sitting next to me looks over and roasts me. I make a playful joke back at my own expense. He laughs. He comes back at me again with another mean joke. I respond with one of my own. I’m nervous and my jokes are bad. He still laughs and shoots me a smile. This is better than telling him how big of a fan I am. I prefer that things worked out this way.

A car arrives. It’s my family. They’ve been looking for me since I went missing from the park. I let them know I’m fine. It’s morning now and the sun is coming up. We start walking back to my family’s car.

The radio is on. When I reach the car everyone looks scared. They “shhh” me. I can’t hear what is being said. I only hear “shock attack.” I ask them too repeat what was said. No one is listening to me. I try to get their attention but people start pouring out of their homes into the street. They are scared. I don’t know what they are scared of. Some dogs arrive and sniff the surrounding area. I wonder if it’s the dogs. But everyone ignores them. I’m beginning to figure out that they are scared of people. What people? Why?

I leave the group with my friend again. I’m still not sure what is happening. I don’t know who I’m supposed to be scared of. We return to the restaurant area. I argue that we need to find high ground to see where the danger is coming from. He doesn’t listen. He starts checking doors in the area. He’s trying to find shelter in an apartment, any apartment. He finds a stick. He takes it. He returns to me with a cast iron skillet and hands it too me. I take it. People start running out of there apartments. There’s more people running our way off in the distance. Something is coming, I don’t know what I’m looking for.

We reach a pavilion. The wave of people arrive. Everyone starts to run. Everyone looks normal. What is happening?

Then a girl runs past me. There’s a twinkle in her eye. She chases after another girl and hugs her. The girl being hugged looks to have a jolt of pleasure run through her body. She now has a twinkle in her eye too. The girl that chases her down let’s her go. They both run after other people and hug them. Now those people start chasing after other people.

I don’t know why everyone is scared of this, but I want to be safe. My friend and I try to fight them off by hitting them in the head with the iron skillet and the stick. It’s not like the movies. They don’t die. Some stumble a little and get back up and continue chasing. I swing at a girl and miss. She gets closer. I swing the skillet again and make contact this time on the side of her head. Her head swings down but she stays on her feet. She continues charging and ducks under my arm. I don’t have enough time to bring the skillet up and back down again. She’s too fast. She’s holding me now. I feel calm. The stress is gone. Calm. I’m relaxed. Calm.

I want others to feel like me. I want them to feel happy. She lets me go. I run back to my apartment. It’s nearby. My roommate is just waking up. He doesn’t know about what is happening outside. He steps out to the hallway and thinks nothing of me being there. He begins to stretch and rub his eyes. I run up and hug him before he has enough time to open his eyes again. He doesn’t say anything, doesn’t ask what I’m doing. I let go. He turns and runs into our other roommates bedroom. He’s still asleep. I turn and run outside to hug more people.

I wake up.