parallelism? (hours are the same as my dream)


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I dreamed and at a moment i saw in the dream the image of my parents and then I supposedly woke up in real life, because the feeling was the same as waking up, and when I "woke up" I sent a message on discord to my mom, to talk to her later about the dream I had, so as not to forget, in that same message, I saw the time and it was 16:52. So supposedly when I woke up, I got out of bed and there was my brother in the room with me, then I actually woke up and realized it was another dream and that I hadn't really woken up. So, after actually waking up in real life, I went to the living room and asked my brother what time it was, and out of curiosity it was 16:54 (4:54 pm) and in my dream when I was sleeping it was 16:52 (4:52 pm).

- My mom doesnt use discord and i checked discord and i didnt send any message, just in my dream
- This morning I also had a similar type of dream, where I wasn't able to wake up in real life, and I always woke up in the dream
- Since young i always have dreamed a lot with lucid dreams

P.S. What do you guys think about this? 👀