Playground, wheat fields, and then I spoke to someone...


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I was playing on a playground and then I walked out into a field of wheat after Fred Figglehorn said "hi" to me. We both talked and he was nice to me and we both seemed to have built a friendship. Fred and I both seemed awkward around each other in a way. Also he randomly had to go and I continued walking until I watched over a house, a house of a family that had a doll that was about to hurt them. The doll appeared everywhere and even on the TV screen, the parents wouldn't believe the children when they said that the doll was alive and trying to hurt them. Even when they outright saw it they still reassured them and told them that the doll means no harm. "Are you sure she's not trying to harm us?" - little girl in the family. "I'm sure she's not." - the mom then the TV randomly turns into static and there appears the title of the next movie with the number two next to it. Huh? Strangely I haven't been watching a lot of movies lately, I only watched one recently and it was the movie Turning Red. What does this mean?