Please help. Same house every night/never have been there. Can describe landscape. Sorry first time here. Looking for answers.


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Every night, I go to same place or other locations. I go there so much could draw you a picture of property and the house. Sometimes it does change but pretty much stays the same. I'm new to this site and am asking for some type of assistance with these dreams. Don't do drugs, sleep pretty well, no major issues. Just would please like someone to talk to and see their thoughts. I go back to the same places all the time. Different places but they all seem real. My family has no mental issues but dreams are seeming more real. In my dream, I can remember my thoughts when speaking to someone else. I can smell in my dreams. Everything seems to be getting more real. Please if anyone could respond or please help or give me any advice or a comment. However this works.
Sounds like you have disassociated from your root level, the basic physical level in life, or what is understood as the root chacra, with it's psychology.
The strong smelling quality in this experiences points to that, the same place points to being stuck in this way. normally people separate in consciousness caused by trauma. Everybody has mental issues, look around you on this world, it is troubled issues everywhere, and the leadership is not very intelligent.
The solution for you would be to keep both places up as your twarted reality, and add much accept and love, and pray if you can. keeping this double identity in mind, would rise an unsatisfied awareness, so you withdraws the identification with both, and finds identity in something more unchangeable, from this place you can be in awareness of both parts as parts and matter for your lifeexpression. shortly look within.