Please help with the symbolic meaning of this weird cat in my dream🙏🏽


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So, I can't really remember the whole thing, but I remember the whole dream feeling very ominous and unsettling throughout.
There was one part, where I wound up on my own in this big dark room, I saw a pair of bright yellow eyes come the darkness slowly.
When it emerged it was a medium/large spotted cat, but it was completely backwards and upside down.. imagine a cat folding itself backwards to do a grab crawl, and it's head is on the wrong way..
Really freaked me out! I thought back to if I'd watched any weird movies that may have influenced my mind in any way but can't think of anything.. I've never seen anything like that in my entire life and a bit weirded out how my brain came up with it?
Is it symbolic of anything or am I just going nuts?
Thank you for any input or help with clarity 🙏🏽


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I have no interpretation sorry, but it's interesting an interesting dream. The Egyptians worshipped cats - they were often protectors. Sun god Ra is sometimes depicted as a spotted cat. His daughter Bastet also took cat form and her modern-day equivalent is the Serengeti breed, which are also spotted.


It sounds like the Cheshire Cat in Alice and wonderland the way you describe its body moving lol, nothing is ever how it seems in dreams, but I do believe they have true meaning if we can get the message, are things in your life out of order now, could it be a sign to maybe organise your life possibly, or someone may not be how they seem.