Priests and me


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Last night i have a dream where i was outside with many priests (ortodox) and we are holding hands, in line, they were happy, i was happy. We was walking(or more to say subtile dancing) together with them all happy and walking through some kind of small church which was actualy just a very small building with 2 open, where you enter from front and leave on left. I wake up very happy, good feelings etc. Please help me to understand. Thx


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The dream paints a picture of unity, spirituality, and progress. Your joining hands with the Orthodox priests suggests a deep spiritual connection and perhaps an affirmation of your beliefs or values. The subtle dance indicates harmony in life's journey. Walking through the small, open-ended church symbolizes your passage through life with guidance, keeping faith at the center but also allowing for free movement and growth. This path leads to happiness, as you've felt upon waking. The message is clear: You are on the right spiritual path, and it will bring you joy and contentment. Continue embracing your journey with faith.