Puppet on the Stairs


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In an unknown house, there was a doll or puppet sitting on a set of stairs that I knocked over slightly. It came to life and wielded a golden object with obscure inscriptions and warning me that I will have to act or pay some type of fee. T


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Again, little to go on. Steps could signify success or descent. Which way did they lead? Up could mean success, enlightenment, etc., down either going down literally, more likely however it's a descent into your subconscious. You brushed against the puppet, as in brushing on a path that you may embark on; this puppet is sort of a guardian imho. Regardless of which decision you take, you'll have to act, probably do something to achieve this, or pay the price for attempting to bypass acting. The golden object with obscure inscriptions to me sounds like valuable information the path holds, from the place which you may go in a language you don't (yet) understand.