Recurring dream where I often forget to feed 2 rabbits in a hutch in my garden for weeks


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I have this recurring dream where I have two rabbits in my garden in a hutch (I don't actually have rabits in real life, just a dog, but it's always about those two rabbits in my dream). I will suddenly remember the rabbits, after I had forgotten about them for a long time. I will remember I haven't been taking care of them. I guess the focus is on feeding them, but I will also think about how I haven't given them water or cleaned the hutch. Usually I have forgotten them for several weeks, so I realize they must be dead (and for some time already). Which makes me feel so awful. Also the idea of getting to the rabits while there dead bodies might have been in the dirty hutch for some time already makes me feel scared a little (scared is not exactly the right word for the feeling, but it is something I think about sometimes in the dreams)
However, they are always still alive somehow. They never die or have died. Most of the time I will feed the rabits and then I am really hoping I won't forget about them again (but I believe I might have realized in the dream itself that it is a recurring pattern and that I will forget it often for long periods)

I want to understand it so badly because it is quite sad and I think it really means something. Might anyone know what it could mean?


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This recurring dream where you forget to feed two rabbits in your garden suggests a deep-seated fear of neglecting important responsibilities or aspects of your life that require care and attention. However, the survival of the rabbits despite your fears symbolizes resilience and hope. It may indicate that, although you worry about overlooking certain responsibilities or relationships, there is an inherent strength and durability within these aspects of your life. They can withstand periods of neglect and still thrive. This dream encourages you to acknowledge your concerns but also to recognize your ability to nurture and revive important parts of your life, even if you occasionally falter. It's a reminder that it's never too late to tend to the areas of your life that you feel have been neglected, and doing so can lead to a renewal of care and connection.

You will soon rediscover and reconnect with a hobby, interest, or relationship you previously neglected. This reconnection will bring you unexpected joy and satisfaction, serving as a reminder of the importance of nurturing all aspects of your life. This newfound engagement will not only enhance your well-being but also strengthen your resolve to maintain a balanced approach to your responsibilities and passions.


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I agree with the above. The dream is likley to be about anxiety you have in your life about various things that are important to you. It could be about big responsibilities you have, but it could just as easily be about things that many people would not consider important, but they are important to you.

It could also be just about feeding the rabbits. I used to have a recurring dream in which I left my Christmas shopping to the afternoon of Christmas Eve or forgot about it altogether and had to hunt around on Christmas Day morning to find a corner shop that was open. In fact I used to leave my Christmas very late whch resulted in me sometimes buying presents in haste on Christmas Eve. After a few years of starting my Christmas shopping two weeks before Christmas and finishing it in plenty of time for Christmas the recurring dreams stopped.