Recurring unknown characters


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Once in a while recurring unknown characters appear. How should that really be interpreted? Most of them have no specific role as I have noticed yet. There may be many more of them but these I recognice so far.

Most of them are young women, they are at least 4, 20-30 years. I have imagined some could be my siblings daughters in the future, my future wife or someone from a past life or soulmates (I do not really know what I belive about reincarnation).
One of them helped me once after I fell down a slope. She also worked in a hospital were I felt like drugged, maybe a mental hospital (I have no experience of mental hospitals).
One of them was hit by an arrow from a longbow and was bleeding severly, a horribel dream. Recently on a party we were at the same table, she in front of me, no damages visible then.

An old man with dark har and beard has occured 3 times. It was likes like a portrait. He looks nice. I would not react if I saw him just once. I do not recognice him, even though there are some possibilities.