Red centipede in sink filled with filthy food scraps


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Hi All,
on Saturday (23.07.2022) early mornig around (4am-5am I guess) I has a vivid dream. I saw a bright red centipede (he was not so long though, may be around 6 inches) in my kitchen sink which was filled with filthy food scraps. The centipede was sitting in kind of like a small empty half-cut watermelon shell on top of all the food scarps. It was not moving and all but just sitting in it. When I saw it, I was terrified. Then I took the kitchen tongs and grabbed it from its face, squeezing its face in between the tongs and threw it right off the kitchen bacolny.
I have recently taken on meditation (since about 2 weeks ago), which I have never tried before.
This dream is very weird and is really stuck with me in my head. I am not sure whether the meditation and the dream are related at all for that matter.
I just started to meditate, so obviously I don't really know what I am doing to be honest nor I am very good at it.
I would be very appreciative to know what this dream actually means or is there any meaning at all.
Thank you very much.
Love and light be with you.
Hello Grace.
Prior to this dream, what were your dreams like?
The meditation, was that recommended to you, by a doctor or other medical profession, or a friend?
And are you doing the mediation for a particular purpose?
Do you think the meditation has made a difference for you, regarding dreams?
As for meditation affecting dreams, i can't comment about that, because it's something i've never done.
For the dream itself:
To see a centipede in your dream suggests that you are letting your fears and doubts hinder you from making progress and achieving your goals.
You need to stop thinking negative thoughts.
That's taken from the Dream Moods dictionary.