Reoccurring dreams cheating on long time partner


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Once a week I get a dream where I still live at my family home and somehow or another get romantic with some random person. They’re generally people I knew at secondary school/college when I still lived with my family. The scenario of them arriving the dream is generally quite weird. For example, the most recent had someone turning up, asking if I had any bagels they could have. But it quickly turns from that to me flirting with them, and wanting to kiss and touch them. The dreams get to varying levels, sometimes just looking at each other in a way, other times, it gets pretty intense
Usually there is a tone of wanting to keep it a secret, because I’m at my family home people are unpredictable and it feels like I can’t get any time alone with them.
Some of these people I had minor crushes on at one point but definitely not anything serious and I haven’t thought about them for years.

My current relationship is the only sexual relationship I’ve ever had, we’ve been together for 5 years and I think we’re both having a great time together. I feel guilty about sleep cheating ha. I’ve talked to him about it and he seems amused more than anything.

Any thoughts on significance to my relationship/life?