Restaurant and bar

I was in this very uptown bar made to look like a cozy log cabin and just finished my meal. Although everything was physical all of the people there knew we were in the spirit world. The others were upset that I was financially stable and so they were unfriendly although we didnt actually talk but the notion seemed more sensed than visual.

The lighting was dim with old fashioned lanterns, stained wood walls and floors, old fashioned wall decorations. I was wearing nice blue jeans with a white and green button up collared shirt with a regular size sharp collar, like the way they used to be, not like these mini collars with buttons through them that you see at the stores these days. I picked up a second shirt that was similar but blue and left my table.

The waitress/server was my aunty in another life, not this one, and she was sad to see me go because she hadnt seen me for a very long time. She says that shes disappointed that I didnt take the shirt with circles and offers to take my squares shirt and give me the circles shirt. I refuse and she becomes like the others there who badly want me to be broke, as she now wants me to be like an obedient child not a self sufficient man, she wants to make my decisions for me. I smile anyways and continue to leave, saying goodbye as I pass my long lost aunty at the counter of the bar. She is stacking dishes behind the counter.

I go upstairs into another similarly styled small room but this room is filled with expensive items of luxury meant for someone with high status. Theres two people up there who get suspicious when I enter. I keep going past them into an even smaller cubby hole area behind a curtain and look at whats in there. A bucket with expensive champaigne and two small wooden kegs held together with gold strips and some other very luxurious items. This wasnt what I was searching for so I turn around to leave but the shirt in my hand is gone and in its place are two disposable shaving razors. This alerts the servers in the room and I double time it out of there while shoving the razors into my pocket unsuccessfully hiding them. I get to the top of the stairs and then awaken.

Once awake I quickly got the notion that this was a yacht, not a cabin.