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I had this dream today and doubted to post it because of it's explicit gorey nature... please read with caution if you are sensitive to topics on blood or SA.
This was my dream:
In the dream someone i know was lying beside me on the floor. On the floor we were lying facing eachother in a pool of my own blood. My mid back section was cut away revealing my spinal coord and organs and i was agonizing. This person had their hands covered in blood and was hugging me with desire which eventually led to intercourse. While this was happening i was unresponsive i guess because of blood loss. The person forced their self on me. Suddenly, while he was holding me he began to rip out my organs from my back side that had been cut out. Both kidneys and my liver, i was in so much pain... and the stench was terrible. Then finally they rip out my spinal coord and i die. While i am dead on the floor the person takes my spinal cord and begins to lick it, kiss it and rip pieces of flesh out of it and begins to consume it... completely in an unatural way and seemed to be enjoying it while i lay lifeless eyes wide open on the floor... this is the gorriest dream i have ever had... 😰


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Thank you for being brave enough to open up about it. Dreams can often contain graphic and disturbing imagery, but they can also provide valuable insights into our subconscious thoughts, feelings, and fears. Based on the content of your dream, it appears to be quite disturbing and contains themes of violence, sexual assault, and mutilation. It is important to note that dreams do not necessarily represent actual events or desires but rather can be symbolic representations of our deepest fears and anxieties. The presence of blood in your dream may represent a sense of loss or trauma that you may be experiencing in your waking life. The person who is with you in the dream may represent a part of yourself or someone you know who may be causing you emotional distress or pain. The cutting of your back and removal of organs may symbolize a feeling of vulnerability as if someone or something is violating your boundaries and taking away a part of you. The sexual assault in the dream could also indicate a sense of powerlessness or violation of your personal space. The consumption of your spinal cord by the other person in the dream may be a symbol of their desire to dominate or control you. It may also represent a sense of being stripped of your identity or essence. It is important to recognize that dreams are personal and can have different meanings for each individual. Therefore, it is important to consider your own personal associations and experiences related to the symbols and themes in your dream and work collaboratively to develop possible interpretations and insights. Overall, this dream may be pointing to underlying fears or anxieties that you may be experiencing in your waking life.