Same entity in my dream 6 years apart


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Hello people of good will,
I had a profound experience in my dream last night. It was a huge angel-like being covered in white flames. It hovered a few feet of the ground. Last time I saw it was 6 years ago in the summer. I had a huge crush on my best friend then, he is straight/bi and I'm a very closeted gay person, we were both 21 at the time. Back then the being appeared to me after we had a night out with some mdma. I was looking at myself and the "angel" from the third perspective as it was showing me some things, events and people I didn't recognize. At some point it showed me a figure of my best friend Luke and asked me with a powerful voice, "do you love this person?". I was trembling as that was my absolute secret, but I somehow gathered my strength and uttered the words, "Yes, I love him and this is the first time I said it to someone except myself". The being smiled at me and told me that our lives are connected at the ways my brain could not comprehend. I asked for some explanation and it told me that all I need to know at that point is that we are old souls that in every reality we are drawn to one another and then it pointed out I was a female priestess in the ancient lands (can't remember the name). I was really scared with all that information as my brain was still trying to process it. Then it told me that "time of division" is neigh ,whatever that would mean, and that I need to fight for my soul mate. I was truly and utterly scared when I woke up the next morning. Years have past, and we are still best friends, but never have we tried to be more as I saw it makes Luke very uncomfortable to talk about that subject. 6 years goes by and last night I get a visit from the white being. It tells me, "I have been watching you.... it said some name that I can't remember, maybe my past life name or something, and then the flames got much brighter and the voice changed from tranquil to powerful and it asked me, do you love this man, do you love Luke?" This time I answered, "more than anything in this world" (for the last 6 years my feelings for Luke changed from a crush to a deep feeling of unconditional love.) Why are you not fighting for him then, it yelled at me. Do you see how close are you to losing him forever, and it shows me something like a sand hourglass and the bottom was almost full with grains falling one by one from the upper chamber. I started crying like I never cried before. I pleaded with the being and told it that I will do whatever needs to be done; the being looked at me and yelled; then make the sacrifice or the black tides will separate you forever, this is your final warning. And then I woke up, completely soaked in sweat with my heart pounding at my chest and hands shivering for the next few minutes. I never ever had anything this intense in my life. Can someone please tell me what is happening, please help me with any advice you have.