Seal version of JAWS.

I meant to write this yesterday. I had like 2 and a half dreams (no 3 and a half dreams) on Monday Night. I can't recall the collection of all of them. But from what I do remember is I was in a mall someplace (like the West Edmonton Mall) and I was doing something like swimming but for some reason a seal attacked me (I know seals aren't underwater creatures which attack but it was a dream)- and almost took me under water. It sort of like that scene in JAWS but with a seal not a shark (and I haven't even watched that movie!).

Then it switched to me being someplace else (I had the feeling it was the same mall) and with me was my Mother, my sister and one of my sister's friends. I'm can't remember if it was the same friend from that other dream who asked if I spoke Portuguese. I think in this food court there was a McDonald's kiosk in the food court in the dream and Mom's standing at a counter of another kiosk (it looked like a cross between one of a Asian Kiosk and a Tim Hortons- (a Canadian coffee-donut chain) kiosk. I was at the table and my sister and her friend show up at the table I can't recall if the friend had anything but my sister had McDonald's milkshake and McFlurry and I went over to Mom (now that I think about it, in the first half of the dream I was my own age aka an adult, but I think in the 2nd half with my Mom and my sister I was like child-age not an adult-but that might be that's how my sister and Mom see me since I will always be my sister's "baby sister" even though we are the only siblings and I will always be Mom's and Dad's child) and asked after she gets our food and after I eat it or something (I can't remember exactly what was said) if I too could get a milkshake and a McFlurry from McDonald's and Mom said "No" and I had a meltdown.

The other dream I had (or was it part of the same dream? because my dream-self remembered the seal attack maybe it was a different reincarnation of the same dream self). Before that in the dream I saw the outside of this kind of neoclassical style. mansion aka like the White House but not the White House. I was coming down some Red spiral steps (these were wide ones not the narrow ones I "love" -NOT!). and at the bottom was someone (not my husband to be, but maybe my future father in law*. He kind of looked like "big Daddy" from The Princess and the Frog only with red hair instead. I'm not exactly sure what event I was attending- but there had been several events and since in this dream I was technically was poor I had been re wearing like my prom dress (except unlike my actually prom dress it was Pink) to all the events. But the FFIL through I had more then one dress and in this situation asked me that question despite the fact that right in front of his eyes my dresses were beginning to tatter- well not infront of them it was already starting to tatter before I went down the steps.

Then I'm not exactly sure if in the last part of the dream was connected to the other three dreams or not. But now I was in an apartment there's someone next to me on a couch-I think it's a man since from what little I can see of him- I only see their legs or just their hands, not their face they seems to be wearing a suit. So I'm not sure if they are my husband I married at some point the son of the FIL in the 3rd part of the dream or not. in the dream I wearing a bracelet of some sort it looks nothing like the bracelets I have on in real life-its looks like of like eggy beads- like white versions of Cadbury's mini Easter eggs. Anyway the person and I are talking and what happens is one of my "egg beads" cracks into two. But the other person gets up and gets some glue and glues the two pieces back together and gives it back to me. That's the end of the dreams.

*note in either case I am not involved with anyone at the moment wish I was through!.