Sister in law outside door at night, flowers at road daytime


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This may seem creepy but she is a normal woman as far as I know and probably there is some symbolic in the dreams, though difficult because many details.

-My sister in law outside parents front door at night without reason.

-She and some other have placed flowers at the road 100 meters away, at daytime.

-Her son playing with a dock in the
bathroom that I thought was an infant under water, before I met them.

For me very strange dreams. She is a normal young woman. Better girlfriend for my brother than his ex. She is a good mother with better order in the family and on the children (his and her). Except these dreams she often appears as a normal person.

Outside Front Door - Not just one time outside front door at nights in my dreams. Not my home but parents home. Once together with my brother. Earlier she was there alone when I went out without reason after awakening at night. No reactions I remember. She is not a smoker.

Flowers on Road - Earlier also two dreams that she and some other (my sister?) placed flowers on the road some 100 meters from parents home. First time I saw it from bathroom when I was about to take a shower. Daytime.

Dock Under Water - Before I even knew her I dreamed of her and her son. Her son looked like he was supposed to before I even saw a picture on him but she did not. He was playing in the bathroom and I thought there was an infant child in the the bath under water, but it was just a dock when I took it up.

I have not told them about these dreams, other than the flowers. I thought it could be a warning for some car accident. I felt I had to tell them when they were going out with their children. Nothing has happened.