Somehow angered a girl severely she threatened to hurt me


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Reality: I used to be an art student and will graduate in a few months, recently in our graduation exhibition I was a bit disappointed my works did not stand out as much as my peers, but also feel it is reasonable. Also I am an anxious person and magnify small problems.

Recently because of dreaming, I keep waking up at 5am and cannot go back to sleep

Dream: All of us art students live in a dormitory near the woods, a girl peer (in reality an acquaintance of mine) trusted me with a small task. I did not perform the task well, and somehow this upset her greatly, in my opinion more severely than I expected. One day I walked away from my room, came back and saw my room was a mess, and she left a threatening note to hurt me. This scared me a bit, I left and tried my best to avoid her, only to find out she has been following me, then I woke up.

Just by this one dream, what could it mean? Thank you~
what was the small task that she wanted you to do?
instead of avoiding her, could you have asked her?
and, is she actually like that?


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If I recall correctly the task was bringing her wood for setting up the stage for the exhibition opening ceremony
I did try to look for her several times, each time ended up seeing her friends instead. Her friends mentioned to me how angry she was, and suggested I should run away, this and the messed up room altogether scared me I changed my mind.
In real life, no, she is very kind and caring for others.


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Maybe accidental, I recall it was done as correctly as possible, after I walked out the stage I heard the girl screamed
Her friends said I broke her set up stage