Strange and confusing dream

Hello everyone
I had a dream the other night that makes no sense to me. First, it should be noted that the time was in the late 80’s. I was standing at a station or an airport in NJ, on my way to Giants Stadium. My parents were already there waiting for me. Suddenly, my iPhone rang **iPhone in the 1980’s**. I picked it up and it was my mom on the line asking me where I was. Before I could answer, she told me to speak with my father (he passed away in 2018) however, I had to speak really loud to him for us to communicate. I started speaking with him and for the first few exchanges everything was fine. A moment later, I heard minor static when he was trying to speak with me. It seems he wanted to tell me something important but every time I tried to hear his reply, the static grew more and more until I couldn’t hear him at all. From what I could hear, his voice was loud, but it didn’t seem urgent or panicked in any way. Does anybody have some idea of what any of this means? What could my father have been trying to tell me? What was the dream trying to tell me standing in a station with a iPhone during the 1980’s and my parents waiting for me at Giants Stadium? Patiently looking forward to any posts.


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Hey! I also have dreams in which departed family members are trying to tell me something, but I can't hear or understand them (or they're mute). Perhaps it simply means that we miss that person's conversation, or wish we could have their advice on something in the present day.
It's interesting that your dream was 'set' in the 1980s. I guess that could mean it relates to the kid/younger person in you? Parents are giants to us when we're kids, so Giants Stadium seems a sensible place for them to be, in a dream where you are in the role/situation of a younger self.
Maybe try to do for yourself what you wish your parents could still do for you today. Be kind to yourself. Buy yourself an ice cream. Steer yourself in the right direction in a firm but compassionate manner.