Strange ankle biting


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Hello! It would mean a lot if somebody could help me with this dream.
A day ago I had a nightmare in which two very weird looking creatures were attached to my ankles (attached as in, biting me). These creatures had the head of a bat and the body of something similar to a spider (6 retractable hairy legs each) and tiny wings in their torsos. I felt some pressure over my ankles but they looked dead/asleep. I was at a place with my mother and aunt, and they told me that these "animals" could be eaten as a dish, my aunt even saying that they tasted good. I remember looking at my feet and thinking "What??". I felt terrified and anxious just by looking at them. At one point they "woke up" and began biting me harder, and as I got desperate I reached for a bag and started smashing their heads/bodies so as to kill them or get rid of them. I felt so much pain that I woke up from it, feeling an intense headache (my headache was so bad I thought I was going to die or something) and my body completely tense.
**Just some extra info: I'm not afraid of bats, in fact I've always find them cute since I was a child! And I don't care about spiders, never been afraid of them.

Thank you very much in advance!