Strange dream...


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To start I never dreamed of something strange(maybe I haven't noticed), so I never tried to understand the meaning of my dreams. But this time was completely different. Long story short, I don't remember the whole dream that I had today, except for one part which I see clearly to this time. I remember how I was in my room and noticed a golden beetle on the white wall. It was already strange because even though I was dreaming, unconsciously I understood that this was something special. Therefore, after a few moments that beetle started to duplicate into more golden beetles and it didn't stop until my whole room was full of little shiny golden beetles. I was really lost, but curious at the same time. And then out of nowhere, a black little bird appeared. He started to float in the air like a hummingbird and kept looking directly at me. And then I woke up. Later that morning, I tried to find some information on the Internet, to understand what this might mean, but didn't find an answer that would satisfy me. So maybe you guys have any insights?