Surgery Dream


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I have surgery coming up, the date is still waiting to be set but hopefully the next time i see the surgeon ill get that exact date.
Its weight loss surgery ill be having, and honestly have a mix of emotions around it. Nervous because ive never had surgery and i dont know how my body will react to the drugs used to put you asleep but also excited to finally have it done to better my health with the end goal being able to reverse my PCOS and finally fall pregnant naturally.

Lastnight the dream i had started with me going into the hospital feeling very nervous about the surgery. It then fast forwards to me being on the operating table and everyone preparing for the surgery. The surgeon was getting gowned up, i was sitting on the table having my IVC being put in by the anaesthetist with a nurse assisting him, there were several other nurses in the rooms too and the assistant surgeon. Very typical of a normal surgery(im a nurse and been in the room of many surgeries). In the dream i told them im a bit anxious about it and they reassured me all will be fine. Then i was starting to lay back on the table and the surgeon starts marking the areas he will make the incisions and the anaesthetist starts getting me off to sleep. It felt like i was getting so heavy and sleepy but my body was trying to fight it by staying awake. I had dozed off briefly then woke up and they were putting the IDC in and cleaning my abdomen before they start the surgery. They realised i had woke up and increased the dose of the drugs to put me to sleep. So i finally fell asleep. Then i must have been waking up after the surgery, i could feel i was in one of the hospital beds and could hear a busy ward with beeping and people talking but it was muffled like i was underwater or in a different room or listening to a party a few streets away. I had my eyes closed and this heaviness was starting to fade from my fingers first. I didnt have any pain, just a very heavy feeling and unable to open my eyes because of the heaviness but was able to move one of my fingers. Then the dream fast forwarded again and i was in my room on the ward still a bit groggy and a nurse had come in to check my obs and ask if i was ready to start getting up to walk around. Then it flashed forward again and i was up out of bed in my hospital gown, holding on to the nurse and the pole that held my IV fluids and looking at myself in the mirror but had no thought as to what i saw in the mirror. I just looked normal, a bit tired but no big thoughts came to mind. Then again it flashed forward and the guy im kinda seeing was coming in to visit me after the surgery, i just remember seeing him arrive at the door to the room i was in. Then i woke up!!

So it just had me wondering what this dream means if anything? Is it just my mind preparing myself for whats to come in a few weeks/months depending when the surgery will be? Is that really what its like to have surgery? That heaviness feeling? I never though to ask anyone about it before, what its like as youre being put to sleep and when youre waking up from the surgery. Makes me wonder what this guy was in my dream, were we still kinda seeing each other or had our relationship progressed from kinda seeing. I didnt feel any pain in the dream but im sure thats not what itll be like in real life, unless because of my nursing background i know to keep up with regular pain relief post op? 🤔


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Hi, WLS94
Maybe you there was some dose of hesitation in your mind, concerning this surgery operation. Or maybe you were trying to predict the final result. So your subconscious used this mirror to show what you might expect as a result of this serious effort. "I just looked normal, a bit tired..." You can't expect general or exclusive changes, but what could be normally expected is absolutely achievable.
About the guy in your dream: I can't be sure, but I also think, that some kind of a deeper relationship is possible between you.