Switching dreams


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I don't have any technique for lucid dreaming. I didn't even know I had lucid dreams or what they were until a few years ago. I will sometimes have the dream where I'm in a car or something and the car suddenly flies off a cliff or flies off the freeway from way up in the mountains. I don't like that fear of falling to my death so what I do is , I switch my dream to something else when I start falling. I also have a dream of being submersed in water , as in a car driving off into deep water and I might drown. So I will tell myself" no, I don't want to dream this" and I will either go into a different dream or I will make the water turn into a little puddle so I can't drown. Or I will make it a shallow river instead of the deep ocean. I thought everybody could change dreams like that. Some people look at me funny when I tell them!!