Talk to Passenger on Train


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Wondering if some could help explain dream.

I dreamt I was on a train and I was talking to a female in the opposite chair to myself, we were sideways on I was looking at the left side of her face and she was look straight ahead ( not looking at me ) she was talking quietly again not looking at me and I was talking back (I’m not sure what we were saying to each other) we were both talking quietly to each other. I was aware of other passengers on the train. It was like the dream was in black and white and I couldn’t make out the females face (what she looked like) I got to get off the train and to my surprise she said “keep in touch” i felt really good when she said it but also surprised she said it. I then said to myself in the dream “how can I keep in touch, I don’t have her phone number”. The dream sort of ended there with me waking up.

I’ve been going through an awkward time recently, I suppose lack of confidence in myself and I’ve just been wondering what it could mean. As through going through awkward time I’ve become aware of how our subconscious mind. Thankful of any help.