Taxi puns

So this taxi was taking me somewhere, getting his directions off a tablet on his dashboard. We went on a while, each direction given appearing like a pun, so it was obvious he wasn't making the puns himself but he could see that the directions were puns that were insults to me and he thought they were amusing. He drove me around in a winding illogical path. Eventually he let me out and left. It was the wrong location but he was gone before I could get back in. Where he left me was a pun somehow, I forget what the pun was, but it involved an oversized shoe suspended above with a skinny line through it, held up between the two brick buildings like a metal clothesline. I left the parking lot where the taxi left me and this was like downtown at the city of my birth again, except with taller buildings. I went inside a shop and it was like a barn stable with this blob monster that was chosen over a familiar human by some well known girl and this made everyone furious and thats why she had to hide. I left, despising the monster, it giving me a dead eye look. I was lost and didn't know where to go and I walk around some more before waking up.