The House on the edge of town

We get to this house on the edge of town theres this slope in front of the house and its lit with a floodlight while in the house its wood floors and very tall ceilings. Theres a neighbor very close next door but I was advised not to alert them at all. I could see in there that the house next door was occupied and very busy as described. While our house was victorian era two stories very classic, theirs next door was more like modern one story plain box like apartments.

Its late night like two am and the people Im with are in a hurry and need to leave me there. For some reason I wanted them to leave but they were coming back they said and told me to close up this house as fast as possible because these people were wild animals and I would be in a terror to let them in. So they left in a flash and couldnt even stay to help close the house up. And so I had to let the pet out, or it went out on its own either way I waited for it to come back and hid myself away behind the doorway while trying to close the other door, thinking it was better to abandon the pet to the animals outside. I was afraid of a bear or a lion.

Before I was able to close the other door I knew something was coming and I went into terror survival mode went lightning fast trying to shut this door in a nanosecond or somehow through another dimension where time doesnt exist but there was a huge blast but it was without sound it was like all the atoms in the air made a pop but didnt explode and my friends arrived. I thought it was the animals getting in before the door could be shut but I was so glad they were my friends when I realized who they really were. The ceilings were very high because these people were tall and thinner than the thinnest human youd ever see. They looked smooth as snakes without the shine like they were made of melted plastic. This was their disguise they told me before I woke up and they didnt want to scare me so they kept their faces hidden. This taller one was a female but I couldnt really tell by looking at her she had to tell me with pictures and this was her house she was keeping me calm and couldnt let me near the others somewhere behind her where I couldnt see. So all that terror went away and then I woke up.

I took a long minute to remember this dream, almost forgetting most of it but recovering it right on time. There was more about the trip to the house that I forgot and couldnt recover.