This particular Sleep Paralysis dream compelled me to share my experience


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Hey everyone, hope you guys doing well.
I would like to share an experience of the dream/sleep Paralysis I had this morning. Before I get to the dream let me start this post by sharing few experiences I had before.
I have had multiple dreams that turn to SP. I can't even keep up with the numbers at this point. Whenever I have a SP dream I always see shadow figures. There are 3 of them. One is a small child-like, the other is a regular-sized man(No hat man) and the last one a very old woman. The man and the old woman are very common in my dreams. The child I have only seen twice. Usually in my dreams whenever I encounter these shadow people I always run up to them with the intention of punching them but as soon as I reach near them I become paralyzed unable to move and wake up in a state of SP. And at this moment I am aware that I am somewhat awake and trying hard to break it and always hoping that my family members can hear me scream and just touch me so I can wake up from it. Sometimes my mother or brother can tell when I am in SP as I would be shouting as I wake myself up from it or I am just mumbling (but shouting in my dream) and they touch me to wake me up. But usually, I am able to break the SP myself. And this has been happening for the last 4-5 years. And in these countless dreams, I have never been able to see the faces of the shadow people.
But that changed today and I was able to see its face. In the dream, it felt like I saw its face by accident, or maybe not I am not quite sure. I don't remember the exact events in the dream so I am just trying my best to recollect the memories. In the dream, it was a dark night, and I was with my younger brother strolling in the street and I see this man in a car who was sitting with his mouth wide open as if in shock. I walk up to him to see what was happening and suddenly I see someone peeking from an old house from behind the car. I immediately ran to check out who it was and inside this house was this shadow person/Being/Creature staring at me through the window. It was pitch black inside the house and somehow this thing's shape and face were clearly visible. Now, I would usually run towards it to punch it but today I was not able to do it and for few seconds I froze and then woke up into SP. I have made a rough picture of it using MS Paint which I have attached below. I am still getting goosebumps as I write this post.
If you have had similar experiences I would love to read about them. Thank You all who have read my post.