Trains, Samurai and war!!


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I cant remember how the dream started. And it seems the older I get the harder it is for me to remember every little detail.

There was a blue train heading our way. I'm saying heading OUR way because I was now part of a Samurai war party. But in some
way it felt to me like this was the very first time that these Samurai I was going to fight with, has seen a train. They were wildly swinging
their Katana sword at the train. I can remember seeing the scratch marks on the side of the train. There was someone we needed to kill
on that train, and we needed to get it stopped.

From no where my view changed to what we would see in a action movie. Panning up looking through the windows, and then swinging around to the very last cart. Some Samurai already made it in. And was now fighting other Japanese wearing their traditional black and white clothing. The Samurai were killing them one after another. It was around here that I realized that I am no longer a part of this fight, but rather just witnessing. Approaching the Samurai, a hairless and short fighter. The leading Samurai attacked him. And almost cut his head off, the blade from the Samurai leaving a small cut across his nose. That's when this little hairless fighter basically lost it. With every attack the Samurai launched, this fighter would take a limb.

First the left arm. Cut clean off just below the elbow. The next attack cost the Samurai his right arm. The fighter taking the whole arm from the shoulder. Defenseless the Samurai stood there. His right leg the next victim. Just above the knee. The Samurai standing on one leg, the fighter took the last two blows. The left leg dropped to one side, and before his body could hit the floor, the fighter swung and cut off the head.

At that moment I only realized that the Samurai was the only one left on the train. There was no one else left to fight. They had lost.